Where am I?

Is this what you are asking yourself right now?

You typed in, but now you find yourself on

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. VillageWorks has now taken up residence at Marketing Roadhouse.

So what happened?

Well, I started by taking a close look at my business. Then I took myself through my own coaching session, and made some interesting discoveries. Among other things, I realized I was focusing so much on coaching clients that I was ignoring my own advice: simple is best.

Yep, sometimes the cobbler does go barefoot.

So I decided to practice what I preach and merge both properties—which have always been connected—into one, with content that’s more representative what I actually do now.

What will you find here now?

  • Marketing information, mostly digital marketing information and services
  • Non-marketing discussions. Being in business for more than 16 years including a side business for the past five has taught me a lot. I get asked about running a business almost as much as I do about marketing. I want to be able to discuss all business topics, warts and all.
  • New ways to work with me, including one-on-one.
  • DIY training. These courses use the same methods I use when I work with clients, but will be self-guided.
  • A community.

I hope you hang out and become part of the Marketing Roadhouse community. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter since that is where I will be publishing my best stuff.