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Confession: This Stuff is Hard

This past Sunday I had a to-do list the length of my arm. Over at SoapPrizes, we are gearing up for our holiday season by rolling out new soaps, prepping for upcoming shows, and announcing a new line of home fragrances. I know I am not unlike a lot of small business owners this time […]

Book Review – Instagram Power

I’m not going to lie, when I received my review copy of Instagram Power by Jason G. Miles in the mail I thought to myself how in the world is there an entire book about Instagram. I’ve read many books about different social media tools and most of them focus on the features of the […]

What is Your Blue Chair?

Kenny Chesney has a song called Old Blue Chair where he describes a beach chair that he has spent a lot of time in thinking, writing songs, reading and even sleeping. This got me to thinking that as business owners we often have a place that helps us to refocus, recharge and brainstorm. While we […]

Passion – The 5th P of Marketing

Repost. This post originally appeared on the VillageWorks site. The 4 Ps of Marketing (product, price, place and promotion) have been the basis for all work I have done since graduating with my marketing degree many moons ago. Sure the details of each of these Ps has evolved over time especially with the widespread use […]

Embrace Your Smallness

Last month I celebrated 14 years in business, which has me a little nostalgic thinking about what has changed over the years. In a way, I have come full circle in how I run my business. I am home-based again, and I have no full-time employees any more. The one big difference from 14 years […]

Finding Content for your Email Newsletter

Please welcome guest blogger April Finnen from OnePersonShop. It’s happened again. Someone said, “Why don’t we start an email newsletter?” Everyone then loudly proclaimed this idea’s brilliance. Except you—the person who will make it happen. Or maybe you’re a small business owner, and it was your own idea to regularly reach out to your customers […]