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Which Came First – the Goal or the Strategy?

The answer may seem clear, but many small businesses put the strategy before the goal. I know I have been guilty of this for my own marketing in the past. The shiny object syndrome of a fancy new tool or case study strategy leads us to jumping in and trying to figure out how to […]

Know Your Target Audience

Marketing, especially content marketing, is hard enough, but it can be even more difficult if you don’t fully understand your target audience. Knowing their needs and wants is vital to converting them from prospect to customer. Some companies and agencies have a tendency to share and create content that is most interesting and meaningful to […]

Take Care of Home Base

In February I spoke at the Frederick Chamber’s New Media and Technology Conference on the topic Digital Detox. I discussed this from both a business and personal point of view. I wasn’t and still am not promoting getting rid of technology, but I am promoting using it to help you and your business, while not […]

Confession: This Stuff is Hard

This past Sunday I had a to-do list the length of my arm. Over at SoapPrizes, we are gearing up for our holiday season by rolling out new soaps, prepping for upcoming shows, and announcing a new line of home fragrances. I know I am not unlike a lot of small business owners this time […]

Book Review – Instagram Power

I’m not going to lie, when I received my review copy of Instagram Power by Jason G. Miles in the mail I thought to myself how in the world is there an entire book about Instagram. I’ve read many books about different social media tools and most of them focus on the features of the […]

What is Your Blue Chair?

Kenny Chesney has a song called Old Blue Chair where he describes a beach chair that he has spent a lot of time in thinking, writing songs, reading and even sleeping. This got me to thinking that as business owners we often have a place that helps us to refocus, recharge and brainstorm. While we […]